Is your marketing connecting with your target patients?


One of the most important aspects of medical practice marketing is reaching your ‘ideal’ target patient. This requires market analysis and a marketing strategy.

Today’s healthcare consumer is more informed than ever. She is connected to her social networks, web savvy, and highly educated. There are certain publications she reads, specific radio stations she listens to, and has favorite TV shows that she watches.

CarillionMed helps physicians develop a common sense approach for reaching their target patient groups. We then use this strategy to map out an integrated marketing plan for the practice, and then implement that plan.

Identifying and reaching your target patient cost-effectively is the secret to successful medical practice marketing.

How to attract more patients!

If you are a busy physician or part of a group practice, and looking to attract more patients and grow your practice, you have come to the right place. CarillionMed offers full-service medical practice marketing programs to help you jumpstart and maintain your growth.

Patients are your first priority as a physician. There is not enough of you to go around when it comes to managing your medical practice marketing and advertising.

CarillionMed specializes in small group and solo medical practice marketing. We find that most doctors are uneasy when it comes to physician advertising. You don’t want to feel like you are bragging about yourself.

It is very difficult for you to ‘toot your own horn’ effectively. That is where we can help you. We develop professional marketing and advertising strategies for you and your practice. As your agency, we can get away with saying great things about you to the media and to prospective patients based on your credentials, specialized skills, and experience without you having to say it yourself.

One of the things that our physician clients appreciate is our realistic approach to marketing their medical practice. First of all, we understand that your days are not always 9 to 5. Therefore, we often schedule update calls with our client physicians at hours convenient for them. Secondly, when dealing with solo practitioners we realize you do not have a ‘Madison Avenue’ budget to get the job done of advertising your medical practice. We help you analyze your target patients and develop a realistic budget to attract new patients to your practice.

We offer a free no obligation consultation to physicians interested in attracting more patients. Call 303-862-2280 or email us to schedule yours.