How Our Process Works


You may find it helpful to understand the process we follow when working with our physicians. Typically, we move sequentially through these steps in order to help you get your message out to your target market, on strategy, on time, and on budget.

CarillionMed uses a simple proven process to help you build a successful medical practice marketing program.

1. Partnering: We like to get to know our physicians just as you will want to get to know us. We only represent board-certified physicians who are respected by their colleagues and in good standing with the medical community. Working only with well respected and credentialed physicians makes the task of marketing them and their practices so much easier.
We use a simple agreement that specifies our deliverables to you and defines our relationship as your marketing agency of record. This is important when dealing with print and broadcast media channels on your behalf.

2. Listening: You listen to patients to help you in diagnosing their condition. Likewise we listen to you so that we can recommend optimal marketing strategies for your practice. We use this first meeting to gather information and to listen to your vision and goals for your practice.

3. Plan of Work: We develop a plan of work for marketing your practice. You then have the opportunity to review these recommendations with us and decide what makes sense for your practice at this time. A budget is confirmed and we set to work on a more detailed plan with a timeline attached. We also start implementing elements of the plan as soon as possible.

4. Marketing Plan: Using the initial plan of work, we develop a marketing plan for your practice. This plan includes your media plan for the coming year. This plan is not “War & Peace.” It is intentionally kept simple and straightforward. We find that this is a important map, but it often times requires modification based on the response we receive from various media channels.

5. Production: This is where we actually produce the elements needed to implement your marketing plan. This includes print, broadcast, online, and point-of-sale production. Updates for your practice production are posted on a dedicated web portal that you can access, review, and respond with approval or edits.

6. Communication: We love to discuss medical practice marketing strategies with our physicians and schedule conference calls or face-to-face visits as often as needed. Some of our clients prefer bi-weekly updates, while others monthly. In either case, during the early stages of production we require more frequent access to you in order to obtain your approval for materials that are being developed for your advertising.

7. Evaluating Results: Typically, our client physician’s designate one office staff member to track new patient responses and communicate this information to us. This is important because it helps us identify media channels that are delivering results. This information helps us to make adjustments in your marketing and media plan as results are measured.

We offer a free no obligation consultation to physicians interested in attracting more patients. Call 713-723-1629 or email us to schedule yours.