Specialized Healthcare Marketing Services


CarillionMed provides specialized marketing and advertising services to solo and small group medical practices. We provide physician advertising solutions ranging from print marketing to advanced Internet marketing solutions.

Effectively marketing your medical practice requires a specialist. Just as physicians cannot be all things to all patients, marketing firms cannot be all things to all markets.

CarillionMed specializes in marketing the solo and group medical practice. The big difference between mainstream marketing and medical practice marketing is you! You are the medical practice personified. Therefore, the quality, integrity, and image of the practice needs to be a positive reflection of you.

By specializing in healthcare marketing we are careful in developing advertising, PR, web sites, and brochures for our physician clients because of the core link between the doctor and his or her medical practice.

Communication between you and your CarillionMed account director is as frequent as you like. Typically, bi-weekly conference calls are scheduled to discuss your advertising and marketing programs and to get feedback from your reception desk on responses. When you first start out with us we have a face-to-face meeting to discuss your objectives and define your marketing program. During this early stage we schedule more frequent calls and issue frequent web updates on your program.

CarillionMed Services:

Here are just some of the services we provide to our solo and group medical practice clients:

• Brand Identity
• Collateral / Brochures
• Corporate Identity
• Database Marketing
• Direct Mail
• Marketing Planning
• Newsletters For Your Practice
• Outdoor Advertising
• POS Programs (In-office displays)
• Print Advertising
• Public Relations
• Referring Physician Communications
• Sales Reps
• Sales Tools & Presentations
• Seminars and Trade Shows
• Special Event Marketing
• Tracking Systems For Prospective Patients
• Tradeshows & Seminars
• Training
• TV and Radio Advertising
• Website Design/Development
• Website Flash Development
• Web Marketing / SEM / SEO
• Web Advertising Campaigns
• Web / Email Marketing
• Webinars
• Writing White Papers and Special Reports